Morocco is very close to Europe, barely 14 kilometers separates it from Spain by the Straits of Gibraltar. You can reach Agadir easily and in comfort by different means of transportation and a few hours later, you are on the edge of one of the most beautiful bays in the world. By plane, Agadir is only 1h30 away from Madrid, 3h30 from Milan or Paris, and 3h50 from London.


The plane is the fastest way to get to there. Agadir has an international airport (Agadir Al Massira) which is located 25 kilometers away from the city centre and served by major international airline carriers, currently around fifty destinations. For more information, consult the National Airports Office website:

Domestic flights from Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez and Tangiers to Agadir are ensured by the Moroccan airline company, Royal Air Maroc. For domestic flight schedules and booking information, consult their website: and

There is a bus service from the airport to the city center. Departures run about every 30 minutes.

The conference will also be providing free transportation to the delegates from Agadir airport on 18 and 19 March 2020 to selected hotels subject to certain arrival times.


Agadir is 270 km from Marrakech, 530 km from Casablanca and 800 km from Tangier, all connected by motorway. If you like driving, motorway traffic in Morocco generally runs smoothly without congestion.

Alternatively, you can come to Agadir from most Moroccan cities by coach or a combination of train and coach as the train network reaches Marrakech only. The Moroccan rail provides a coach connection from Marrakech to Agadir. So you can check train and coach schedules on their website. Another major coach provider is CTM Coaches of both companies are comfortable and air-conditioned; some of them have Wi-Fi.

Visa Information

Nationals from about 70 countries including EU, GCC, US, Canada, Australia do not require a visa to enter Morocco. To find out about visa requirements and if you are eligible for a visa exemption, please check with the Moroccan embassy in your country.